The new community Child Health Program

Community child health nurses support all families with young children.

We provide a range of important free services to support families to raise happy, healthy children. We offer health and development assessments and screening, immunisation advice and support to families with young children.

What’s new?

There are some changes to when we see you and your child so we can better meet the needs of all families.

From 1 July, all families in Western Australia will be offered:

  • five Purple Book appointments with their community child health nurse
  • a School Entry Health Assessment when their child starts school
  • regular drop-in sessions
  • group sessions on different health topics.

The Purple Book health checks are now at:

  • 0-14 days
  • 8 weeks
  • 4 months
  • 12 months
  • 2 years
  • starting school

It’s important that you see the community child health nurse at these key ages to check your child’s health and development.

Extra help if you need it

  • If you need extra support for yourself or your child, please talk to your community child health nurse.
  • They can offer you extra appointments, advice, or can put you in touch with other services that can help you.

The new program is more flexible

  • There are more drop-in sessions and group sessions, which families have told us are important.
  • You can get extra appointments and services if you or your child need a bit more help.

Why have we made these changes?

The new program meets your child’s needs at important stages of growing and learning, from birth until they go to school.

  • We reviewed the current program, and also looked at what works well across Australia and overseas, to make sure our Child Health Program is the best it can be.
  • We talked to families and our nurses to make sure the new program will really help all Western Australian families.
  • Research is clearly telling us that the first 5 years are very important for a child's development, and affects their health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives – way beyond childhood.

How to book a Purple Book appointment

If you’ve just had your baby, a community child health nurse will contact you to arrange your first appointment.

This appointment will probably be at your home before your baby is 14 days old.

The nurse will also book in your 8 week appointment during this visit.

Perth Metropolitan area

If you live in the Perth metropolitan area and your child is due for a Purple Book health check, you can make an appointment up to 8 weeks in advance. Simply call 1300 749 869 or register for an appointment online.

Regional WA

If you live in country WA you can make and reschedule appointments by calling your local child or community health centre.

If you had your baby in Perth and plan to stay for a few days after you leave hospital, please contact our visiting community child health nurse service on 0406 463 506 to make your 0-14 days appointment, or check that the hospital has made it on your behalf.

What if I’ve already booked my next Purple Book appointment?

There’s no need to change anything - please attend your booked appointment. At this appointment your community child health nurse will talk to you about the new Child Health Program and when they will see you next.

Will I get a new Purple Book?

Your community child health nurse will give you some new Purple Book pages (PDF 624KB) to add to it at your next appointment. Your Purple Book will then be up to date with information to match the new Child Health Program.

What if I have concerns and my child is not due for a Purple Book appointment?

Talk to your community child health nurse about your concerns. They can then offer you the service that best suits your needs – this might include coming along to a local drop-in session or group session, or booking in a one-to-one appointment.

If you live in the Perth Metropolitan area and are unsure how to contact your local community child health nurse, call 1300 749 869 and the booking team will arrange for a nurse to contact you.

If you live in country WA you can contact your local child or community health centre directly.

If you think your child is not well, please see your doctor.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact your community child health nurse.

Feedback about the new Child Health Program

We are committed to providing a quality service and welcome your feedback and suggestions. You can tell a staff member at your next visit or fill in our online feedback form:

You can also see what others are saying and share your story on (external site).